The base model of the composite bridge plug is a ball drop configuration. When combined with three additional on- the-fly inserts (Bridge Plug, Flo-Back or Flo-Back with Bio-Ball), the tool provides operators with optimum on-site versatility. Composed of a proprietary composite material with a low metallic content, the composite plug can be quickly and easily milled and circulated back to surface— helping you enhance productivity where it matters most.

Long Range

The Long RangeTM composite plug is one of the latest offerings, enabling wellbore isolation in a range of environments and applications. Because of the tool’s slim outer diameter and expansive reach. The Long RangeTM can pass through damaged casing, restricted internal casing diameters or existing casing patches in the wellbore. Composed of proprietary composite materials, the Long RangeTM can be set on wireline or coiled tubing. It also features dependable cast iron slips, superior element sealing package and a rigid core to ensure the plug passes through even the toughest of conditions.